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1. How do we find out if we are the perfect match?! 
It is KEY to have an amazing relationship with your wedding day photographer! One of our brides once said to us, “It’s so important that you LOVE your wedding photographer and love spending time with them, because you will ultimately spend more time with them on your wedding day than anyone else!” With that said, we schedule a FaceTime date with all of our couples to get to know each other before booking to ensure we are a match made in heaven! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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2. How far in advance should I book you to photograph my wedding day? 
Once we determine if we are the perfect match, we can make it official! We HIGHLY recommend to book us as soon as you get engaged, along with your wedding planner, venue, florist, videographer & DJ as they are usually the vendors that book first. We currently book 2.5 years out. 

3. Will you help me figure out what to wear for our engagement session?! 
ABSOLUTELY! This is one of our favorite parts of the K&S Experience. So much so that we created an exclusive K&S Engagement Style Guide just for our couples!!! Don’t worry, we will take good care of you1 

4. Do you have any vendor recommendations?! 
After being in the wedding industry for a decade, we have several wedding specialists we can refer you to!  Not only do we love working with these vendors, but they are TRUSTWORTHY and produce WONDERFUL work. Once we are booked for your day, we can begin helping you find your dream vendors from wedding planners, wardrobe, videographers, florists, hair & makeup artists, DJs, rental companies, caterers, bar tenders, cake artists, and MORE. The wedding industry is very easy for people to jump into, so it’s key that when looking for the perfect wedding vendors for your day… to do your research, READ REVIEWS, and to ask lots of questions! 

5. Can we bring our fur baby to our engagement session!?
YES YES AND YES! We 100% encourage it. We LOVE all animals, and would be ecstatic to include them in your engagement session. 

6. How do you feel about working with videographers?! Do you think we need one?
While we feel confident in being able to capture your wedding day memories with still photography, we definitely recommend hiring a professional and experienced wedding videographer. A videographer is able to give you the gift of allowing those who were not present at your wedding day, to feel as if they were. Sean and I are so grateful we decided to hire a professional videographer for our wedding day, and we really were able to reap the full benefits once we had kids. Our daughter, while still young, LOVES weddings. It has been so special for her to watch mommy and daddy’s wedding- to hear our vows, see Grandpa walking mommy down the aisle,  watch our first dance,  when Daddy sang to mommy, and so much more. Something that as wedding photographers we pride ourselves in is working well with experienced videographers. If your videographer is an experienced professional who specializes in weddings, we know that our hearts are all in the same place: to serve our couples well on their wedding day and to give them memories that they can cherish for a lifetime. When we have that same shared heart, we ultimately work together seamlessly to make sure we are able to deliver beautiful work to our couples. 

7. Do you advocate for first looks? 
We most definitely do! While we can absolutely work around not doing a first look and still capture your dream wedding photos… we highly recommend doing a first look for several reasons. Before our wedding day, Sean was very hesitant to the idea, feeling as though we should hold to tradition and he did not want to deplete the emotions that came with seeing Kalahan for the first time walking down the aisle. However, someone brought something rather interesting to our attention. Have you ever researched why waiting to see the bride until that moment is even a tradition?! Ya’ll are about to have your minds blown :O The tradition is actually one based on the superstition that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Why?! Because during the time when arranged marriages were the norm, the betrothed couple were NOT allowed to see each other AT ALL before their wedding. The wedding itself usually symbolized a business deal between two families, and the reason they were not allowed to see each other is because the families feared that if the groom met the bride before the wedding, he would call off the wedding if he didn’t find her attractive. Therefore, it became tradition that the bride and groom were not allowed to see each other until during the ceremony when he lifted the veil, after things were already made official. UM WHAT?! That was our reaction too! We then listened to our photographers’ wisdom and encouragement. She explained to us that if we did a first look, it would allow us to have precious moments together beforehand. That if we did a first look, Sean’s first reaction to seeing me would be captured so much better! That if we did a first look, so much stress would be removed from our day and we would be able to have way more time to get the beautiful portraits that we would hang on our walls someday. And most importantly, if we did a first look, we would not have to keep our guests waiting long as we could accomplish the majority of our formal portraits before the ceremony! We ended up listening to her advice, did a first look, and from our personal experience we can tell you one thing: The biggest fear of doing a first look was that we did NOT want to remove the emotions that came with Sean seeing Kalahan when she walked down the aisle. Friends, NOTHING can remove the deep and intense emotions that come when you see your bride at the end of that aisle. Nothing. Seeing each other beforehand was so precious, and seeing each other again in that "aisle" moment was equally if not more precious. Again, as photographers ourselves, we feel confident enough to be able to capture our couple’s wedding days no matter which route you choose to go, but we highly recommend considering a first look for your special day! 

8. In your personal experience, do you have any regrets regarding your wedding day!? 
Our wedding day was amazing from start to finish. We had 450 guests (CRAZY I KNOW) but they were everyone that we knew and loved and they were all together to celebrate our wedding day and it was awesome. With that said, our wedding was a TON OF WORK and by far our biggest regret was trying to DIY a lot of it. We thought “doing it ourselves” would save money, however in the long run, our budget doubled doing it that way and we wish more than anything we would have hired experienced professionals to come together to make our day perfect! We OF COURSE had an amazing photographer and videographer to capture our day, but two areas we truly wish we would have budgeted more for: flowers and DJ. Flowers really are that magical aspect that tie your whole wedding together (especially from a photographic perspective!) And florists work HARD you guys. Our bridesmaids and Kalahan’s mom were literally up ALL NIGHT LONG before our wedding day trying to put together bouquets, boutineers, corsages, centerpieces, aisle pieces, and more. They were so exhausted come our wedding day, and that’s not how ANY mother of the bride or bridal party should feel!!! Florists may seem steep in price, but it’s ultimately because the flowers themselves are very expensive. With all that said, INVEST IN A FLORIST. They will make your wedding day beautiful, your photos gorgeous, and you and your people won’t have to lift a finger to accomplish that! We had a family member DJ our wedding, and while we were so thankful for his help on our day… it put him in a place where he couldn’t enjoy our wedding day AND being that it wasn’t his career, there were moments where because we didn’t have the right equipment, it was kind of awkward at times. GUYS. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR RECEPTION PARTY! Hire a professional DJ who is there to serve you guys, to serve your guests, and to make sure that everybody has the time of their lives!!!!  

9. We love you guys and love what you do, but we really like more of a dark and moody look. Are you able to edit according to that style for us? 
While we are so thankful that you love what we do, the second most important part of working with us is making sure that you LOVE our style. Consistency in our business is one of our top priorities- and if dark and moody or any other style is what speaks to your heart- we have several photographers we love and trust that we would be more than happy to refer you to! 

10. What is your favorite part of a wedding day to capture?! 
Oh man- such a tough question because we truly love it all! Kalahan has a few favorite parts- 1. After our couples are pronounced husband and wife for the very first time! The joy in that moment is the best to capture!!! 2. ALL THE DETAILS. If you have followed our work, you know Kalahan loves to photograph our brides’ dress, shoes, invitations, bouquet, rings, and any beautiful heirloom pieces that our couples incorporated into their day! 3. This is not normal for most photographers, but Kalahan LOVES family portrait time. Family is one of our biggest values in life, and we really want to show that and honor our couples’ families on such an important day! And while Sean has several favorite parts as well- like hanging with our grooms and their gents! He feels like one of the bro’s! ;) His absolute favorite thing to photograph on wedding days is the father daughter dance. He always thinks of our daughter, Ireland, in those moments… and sometimes even gets choked up behind the camera!! 

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