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August 17, 2018



Ireland is 18 Months!

18 months. 18 months of loving and learning all about this precious soul. 18 months of cherishing each moment- all the tickles, the giggles, and the snuggles. THE BEST 18 months of both of our lives… raising our sweet Ireland. We love you baby girl, more than words could ever begin to say <3

Your favorites: Daddy, Lacey, milk (“bik”), sweet potato fries, kombucha, Grandma & Grandpa, hair bows, snuggle movies (Frozen, Tangled, Trolls, & Moana), bath time, helping mommy with the laundry, doing your “chores” (making your bed, throwing away your diapers, putting your dirties in the laundry basket), music (current favorites are King of My Heart and Hooked by Why Don’t We), your sleep sack, raw or grilled onions (yes, I said onions), greek yogurt, pool time, visiting the doctor to get your ears checked, your book corner, snuggling Daddy, visits to besties Maddie, Brookie, & Jo Jo, family walks to get the mail, your go-to books (Hands Hands Fingers Thumb & Love You Forever), feeding the goats at the fair, all the dogs… always all the dogs.

Your new tricks: winking, “singing,” making animal sounds (dog, cat, elephant, dinosaur, sheep, monkey, bunny, duck, tiger, pig… although dinosaur is our favorite!), your super sassy dance moves, how you “run run run!”

Your least favorites: Long car rides, ground beef, pretty much anything with tomato sauce, getting messy or having sticky hands, when mommy leaves.“I’ll love you forever I’ll like you for always as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”

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