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September 10, 2018



Shelby & Zach’s Connecticut Engagement Session

Oh my goodness words cannot describe how excited we are to share this engagement session with you! It all started earlier this year when I received an email from Shelby. She had come across our work in a photography education group that we both partake in, and she was requesting some more information regarding our wedding photography. We immediately connected, set up a FaceTime “interview”, and the rest is history- they became a K&S couple!!!!

Have you ever met someone that made you feel like you’ve known them forever? Someone maybe far away, where it’s hard to imagine life without them?! For us, this is Shelby & Zach. When they asked us to not only fly to the opposite side of the country for their wedding next year, but also for their engagement session this year, we were SO excited to meet a couple who valued capturing timeless moments as much as we did.

Our plan was to arrive in Connecticut on Friday, do their engagement session on Saturday, and head home on Sunday. But instead, we ended up meeting them late Friday night at the most amazing little restaurant with the best bartender (you rock Mike!), hung out till after midnight, and met again on Saturday morning to once again hang out till midnight. You guys… people (especially who don’t know each other) usually do not spend that much time together unless they really click. And to say we clicked is saying the least! We hope you all love Shelby & Zach’s engagement portraits, and that you enjoy getting to see just a small little glimpse of the beauty that Connecticut offers!

Shelby & Zach: We are so, so, SO thankful that you value photography the way that you do, and that you trusted US enough to fly us out and literally give us some of our most favorite memories of 2018. If there’s anything that makes us sad in our relationship, it’s that we live toooooooo far away from one another! Just the other night, we went to our favorite winery and Sean said, “Man… if Shelby & Zach lived here, they’d be hanging out with us tonight!” We are literally counting down the days to your big day…. Well weeks at this point 😉 But we SERIOUSLY cannot wait! We’re also looking forward to attending photography conferences together and hopefully traveling together in the future. We love you guys and are so thankful to have you as our new friends!!!

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