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February 10, 2018



The Best Year of Our Life: Ireland Turns 1

How did this happen!?

They said to enjoy every moment, to soak in every “newborn” snuggle, because it would go by in a blink of an eye. We were warned- we were prepared for this. Yet somehow, someway… WE WEREN’T. Our baby girl turned ONE this week, and I still have no idea how it happened. It’s as if one moment I was rocking her to sleep at 4 in the morning when she was two weeks old, and now she’s her own little independent self and doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep anymore. There was a time when she had absolutely no other way to communicate other than screaming her sweet little head off… and now, when she needs something she says “mama” and signs “please,” “all done,” and/or “more.”

I may not know how it happened… but I do know this: The past year, has been the best year of our life yet. Being first time parents has been the ULTIMATE paradigm shift  for sure. We may not be able to pick up and go whenever we want. We now have to plan our schedule around naps and bedtime. We no longer can just think of ourselves when it comes to mealtime.  We no longer get to sleep in… at all. The list goes on. Our life has changed drastically, but it has ultimately changed for the BETTER.  NOW… we have an adorable 8am wake up call that comes with the sweetest smiles and drool-y, wet kisses. NOW… there’s a human being that loves US more than any one else in the world. NOW… we have the greatest gift of teaching, guiding, and raising this precious soul. NOW… we have constant entertainment in our life as it is incredibly entertaining to watch the never-ending list of firsts. NOW… when we want to stay in and snuggle as a family, we can- because it’s FAMILY time. Now… we are parents. MOM & DAD. Mama & Dada. The greatest titles we have ever been privileged to receive.

She’s 1. And we STILL can’t believe it. But she’s 1, and all we know is that we are honored to be Mama and Dada to the one and only miss Ireland. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this precious gift.

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