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March 21, 2020



Fourteen Things You May Be Surprised To Learn About Us

1. We only dated for two months before getting engaged!
We know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! From our very first date to the day that Sean proposed, we were literally inseparable! We spent almost every waking moment together, and if not in person, then over the phone. We honestly skipped a lot of the small talk/ surface conversations that most people share when getting to know each other… and just got right down to who we were from the very beginning. Yes, this doesn’t work well for every couple- but after both of us coming out of longer, drawn out relationships… this method was exactly what we needed. Within a couple weeks of dating, we knew we were it for each other. To read more about our story, check out Our Love Story series on the blog!

2. Kalahan LOVES to cook and spends at least an hour a day in the kitchen! 
When Sean and Kalahan were first married, Kalahan had no idea what to do in the kitchen. Sean’s mom is a wonderful cook, and started teaching Kalahan how to cook every Monday night for a year. We called it, “Monday Night Meals!” Since then, Kalahan’s love for cooking has only grown and she has made it a priority to learn a new recipe every single week. Her favorite recipes to make are Harvest Vegetable Pasta, Jalapeño Sausage + Veggies, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Indian Butter Chicken, Turkey Meatloaf, and Salmon Quinoa Power Bowls!

3. Outside of being a wedding photographer, Sean is a full time middle school teacher!
Sean received his teaching degree from Concordia University in 2012 and has been a middle school humanities teacher since 2015! He LOVES his school, his students, and honestly, he just loves his job. And we definitely don’t mind the perks of him having weekends, holidays, and summers off! Another fun fact- Sean is Nationally Board Certified! Only 3% of teachers in the U.S. have this title, and he worked REALLY hard for it!

4. We both require at least eight hours of sleep to function! 
Well… Sean requires eight hours of sleep, Kalahan could probably benefit from ten!! But seriously- sleep is a huge priority for us! We are a better team, better parents, and just better individuals when we are well rested!

5. During delivery with each of our kids, we had both of our parents in the room with us! 
YUP! You read that right. This is definitely not for everyone! With our first (Ireland), we were pretty adamant on it being just the two of us and our medical professionals. However, after receiving an epidural, things were pretty relaxed and the parents came to hang out for a bit until it was go time. When that time came around, it honestly all just made sense and we invited them to stay to witness their granddaughter enter the world! Don’t worry- our dads stayed behind the hospital bed (we’re not that open lol!) We loved having them there so much the first time, that we invited them to stay for Owen’s labor as well! Such a blessing to us!

6. Sean loves his coffee, and Kalahan loves her tea! 
Sean’s coffee of choice is simply a black coffee with cream, while Kalahan is a bit snobbier as the ex-Starbucks barista in her comes out 😉 Every single day, Kalahan has a cup of earl grey tea w/ vanilla stevia, Nut Pods creamer, and collagen (of course!)

7. Kalahan started this business when she was a wee 16 year old! 
Kalahan graduated high school early and started her photography business at 16, while also pursuing a degree in dental hygiene. After completing her Associates Degree- she decided to go FULL TIME and quit school. Best decision she made before marrying Sean!!!

8. We LOVE a good TV show and get sucked in very easily! 
Anyone with us?! Before Netflix & Chill meant *netflix and chill* (wink wink)…. we really just used to love plain old Netflix & chill!! HA! Some of our favorite TV shows to date are Grimm, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Bless This Mess, This is Us, The Resident, and a few more!!! We also love a good movie every now and then- whether that be an end of the world thriller or a classic Rom-Com- we are in!

9. We had a MASSIVE DIY backyard wedding, with over 450 guests! 
You read it correctly- DIY… over 450 guests…. did we mention almost 100 degrees too!? Our wedding was truly amazing as it was the day we committed our lives to one another and said our “I do’s” before our friends and families! Our wedding was a garden party roaring 20s theme- and our colors were blush, gold, champagne, and cream!

10. Sean is the extrovert, and Kalahan is the introvert! 
This is a surprise to a lot of people since Kalahan is a lot more of a talker than Sean is! But nonetheless, it is true! Sean recharges by being around people- he is always up for a guys’ night, a double date, or seeing family! And while Kalahan LOVES her people, a night in at home brings her life!

11. We are huge nerds, and play strategy games together at least twice a week! 
We love playing games together! From card games, to word games, and strategy games- and sometimes a little Mario Kart, we always have something to do! 🙂 One of our ideal date nights at home is to put the kids down, make a cocktail, and play one of our favorites together. Our top favorite games right now are Dominion and Bananagrams!

12. Kalahan was stung by a bee right after their wedding ceremony- ON HER FOOT! 
Immediately after we were pronounced husband and wife, we went back to our getting ready location to relax and sign our marriage certificate during cocktail hour. Due to it being almost 100 degrees, Kalahan had some wardrobe malfunctions that needed to be taken care of… and when she stepped back into her dress she stepped onto a bee :O But that didn’t stop her from dancing the night away! After a few tears (and laughs) and some baking soda, she was ready to party!

13. We never go to bed separately! 
This has been true as long as we have been married! It’s not for everyone, but it has been a value for us to go to bed at the same time together every. single. night! Our evening routine (while we won’t go into every detail *wink wink*) is a sacred time for us to catch up, be unplugged, snuggle, and pray together. This has served our marriage SO well!

14. Sean has avoided the world of iPhones and is an avid flip phone user! 
Back in college, Sean tried out a smart phone for one month and hated it. He really didn’t like how it took him away from quality time with friends and family, and decided to go back to his flip phone. He’s had a hand full of them since we’ve been married, but is still insistent about it! He loves not having to feel like he’s constantly “plugged in” and if Kalahan’s being honest… she loves it too <3


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